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Today, Blacktown and Mount Druitt Hospital (BMDH) is a single hospital operating across two campuses – one at Blacktown and one at Mount Druitt.

BMDH services one of the fastest growing geographic populations in NSW -- the communities of Blacktown, Mt Druitt and Riverstone Local Government Areas (LGAs).

This includes the largest urban Aboriginal population in the state, with BMDH situated on the land of the original inhabitants and the traditional custodians, the Dharug Aboriginal people.

Blacktown hospital opened in 1965 with the capacity for 160 beds and in 1982 Mount Druitt hospital opened with the capacity for 200 beds.

Currently there are 534 beds across the two campuses. The two hospitals now operate as one and care for approximately 90,000 patients in their emergency departments each year.

The Blacktown campus provides a 24-hour emergency service, intensive and high dependency care, specialist adult acute medical and surgical services, obstetrics and newborn care and mental health services. Ambulatory care services provided on site at Blacktown include satellite renal dialysis, chemotherapy, primary care and community health, drug and alcohol and dental clinic services.

Clinical services at Mount Druitt campus include a 24-hour emergency service, paediatrics, planned surgery, rehabilitation and palliative care. Oral health and a Dialysis Centre are also provided at Mount Druitt.

The acute care role delineations of Blacktown and Mount Druitt facilities has allowed for comprehensive health care services to be provided to the communities that BMDH serves.

The Hospital is committed to increasing this service with future developments and expansions.

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