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Blacktown & Mount Druitt Hospitals

Mission Vision & Values

Our Vision

Blacktown & Mount Druitt hospitals aspires to be renowned internationally for its excellence in patient care, training of health care professionals, research and innovation. We are proudly committed to supporting our vision:

Better Health Service for the People of Western Sydney and Beyond

Our Purpose

We are committed to providing the highest quality health care to the people we serve in a compassionate and respectful manner.

Our Values

We share with the NSW public health sector the CORE values of:

Improving and sustaining performance depends on everyone in the system working as a team

Transparent performance improvement processes

The role of everyone engaged in improving performance is valued

There must be trust on all sides and at all levels with responsible delegation of authority and accountability

Our Goals

Quality and Safety

Deliver safe and consistently high quality healthcare and support services

Patient and Staff Satisfaction

Create a patient-focused culture that ensures our patients and staff attain the highest level of satisfaction from giving and receiving care.

Teamwork, Partnerships and Collaboration 

Promote a coordinated approach in the delivery of our services by fostering effective teamwork, collaboration and partnerships between service departments and units and relevant external agencies.

Skills, Competence, Research and Innovation

Support the development and maintenance of skills and competence of staff through a learning culture characterised by the promotion and acknowledgement of education, mentoring, training, research and innovation.

Promoting Healthy Communities

Support our services to develop skills that promote the health and wellbeing of the communities of interest we serve.


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