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Our Outlook

Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) will provide modern cutting edge healthcare. We will work in partnership with our community so it can be as healthy as possible.

We are in a unique position to make a difference and have significant change programs underway including:
  • Leading an integrated approach to our patients with our partners in the community.
  • Innovations in models of care.
  • Vast e-health enhancements.


Our aim is to be future-fit for purpose, providing advanced healthcare for our communities.


Our Community

In western Sydney we are working with our community to meet healthcare challenges:

  • We have one of the fastest growing populations in Australia with the most pre-school aged children.
  • Our community is the most ethnically and culturally diverse in NSW. We also have one of the largest urban aboriginal populations.
  • We face a rising demand for health services and increasingly complex chronic conditions.
  • Our community faces some worrying health trends. These include childhood obesity, diabetes, rising mental health issues and conditions related to aging.


The resulting demands place enormous pressure on healthcare resources and the ability to respond with sustainable, quality healthcare.

Our community’s future health and wellbeing depends on our ability to meet these and other emerging healthcare needs.

We are working in an increasingly complex, changing and challenging environment with limited resource. Like other Local Health Districts we need to deliver the best services possible and use our resources wisely.

To succeed in this environment WSLHD needs the best people, teams, technology, systems, partnerships, leadership and workplace culture.

Our Challenge

Australia is one of the top five nations in the world for life expectancy. We are doing many things right but we need to do more given our current and emerging health issues.

About 85 percent of our business is hospital based. Our challenge is to deliver the most effective and cost efficient hospital community-based services possible ensuing the patient and consumer are at the centre of all we do. We need greater focus on preventing disease progression through preventative strategies tailored to our communities to stem the impact of an increasing and diverse population coupled with the burden of disease.

We know we need to reach out to people where they are. We want to improve our care to meet our patient’s needs in ways that are centred on them. We can also move to more personalised preventative approaches to care.

We need a highly talented workforce and we will use contemporary and effective ways of supporting the workforce.

Our culture, models of care, skills and ways of working need further development to meet current and future needs. We want to support our dedicated workforce who provide care and support for others.


Our Commitment

We will direct more of our resources and efforts to prepare our organisation for the decade 2020-2030, so we can be confident we will meet the growing and changing health needs of our communities. Towards 2030 we want a modern healthcare system that:

  • Provides a healthcare system that is centred on the whole person, their families and carers.
  • Delivers the best care to people where and when they need it.
  • Delivers integrated care that is seamless, effective and efficient and responds to all of a person’s health needs across physical, mental and social spectrums.
  • Has the best people, working in the best teams, making a difference.
  • Works as a network of connected partners of care and support.
  • Provides a system that is easy to understand and navigate, and has help available to support the individual’s journey through the health care system.
  • Is valued and appreciated by our organisation and our community.
  • Our community has trust and confidence in us, and takes pride in the services we provide.


Our Vision

We aim to be a trusted partner of our community, delivering modern healthcare.

We want to create an environment where people can live well, stay well and manage well. People are supported to improve their health and to live to their full potential. Individuals; their family and carers are active participants with a collective responsibility for optimising health outcomes. We are committed to working in partnership to deliver better health together.


Our Progress

We are confident of progress, for example we have:

  • Partnered with primary health and GPs in multidisciplinary teams for case conferencing to better manage the care of people with diabetes.
  • Improved access to care through our emergency departments for our community.
  • Implemented the use of the Electronic Journey Boards to improve our care coordination and discharge planning.
  • Comprehensive and rapid access treatment pathways in cardiology, renal & other chronic diseases.
  • The elderly patient pathway has been implemented to support the needs of the elderly in our community by streamlining their journey through our hospitals.
  • Worked in partnership with family and community services prioritising mums and vulnerable families to ensure we address the range of related health needs they are experiencing.

Our Strategy

To achieve our vision we need to:

  • Determine clear priorities and plans in consultation with our staff and consumers.
  • Ensure a stable and robust business that is able to engage effectively with partners and take advantage of opportunities.
  • Cultivate a workforce with the right mix of talent, working in a system of distributed power and accountability, and a culture of respect and recognition.
  • Care and support all our staff so they can provide the best care possible for others.
  • Listen and learn from the experiences of our patients, carers and families to improve our services.
  • Support integrated research, learning and innovation.
  • Embrace new technology and ways of providing care.


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