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We will improve our communications, be transparent and accountable. We will deliver safe, quality care whilst retaining dignity and respect. We will strengthen our systems, our processes and our care interactions. We will ensure the voice of the people of western Sydney is heard in all aspects of care - health care policy, planning, design, delivery and evaluation.
We will:

  • Learn from the experiences of our patients, carers and families, with a focus on collaborating with people from our community to improve our services.
  • Strengthen our care teams working collaboratively with patients, carers and families to provide holistic coordinated care.
  • Help people to better understand their health and manage their care.


Key Performance Metrics

  • Improve patient experience and engagement as measured by overall satisfaction level via Bureau Health Information (BHI)1
  • Consumer representation or participation on peak/major governance and operations committees
  • 100% of hospital discharge summaries sent to primary care providers within 24 hours.


1) Survey or equivalent measured by internal patient survey



You can read more about the Better West Strategic priorities here.

"We will deliver safe, quality care whilst retaining dignity and respect"

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