View from the street of Auburn hospital

Auburn Hospital

About Auburn Hospital

Auburn Hospital is a teaching hospital of the University of Notre Dame and serves a unique population with 60 per cent of local residents born overseas.

Auburn prides itself as one of the most multicultural communities in Australia.

The hospital’s clientele has 17 core languages with more than 67 per cent of patients coming from a non-English speaking background. And hospital staff speak 70 languages.

Other key services include:

  • Adult general medicine including some specialist care such as cardiology, endocrinology and neurology
  • Paediatric day-only surgery, mainly ear nose and throat, and short-stay medical
  • Obstetrics and newborn care for low-risk births including community midwifery
  • Non-acute care
  • Satellite renal dialysis; and
  • Breast screening.

Auburn Hospital is WSLHD’s centre for high-volume, short-stay surgical cases for people with a low anaesthetic risk, including plastic surgery.

In late 2017 planning started to introduce low-risk joint replacement services consistent within the high-volume shortstay model. Commencing with knee joints, the program will mature to include hip joint, foot and ankle surgery along with a comprehensive pre-surgical physiotherapy conditioning program.

Elective surgery access performance maintained an excellent rating with 100 per cent compliance across all three surgical categories.

Access and support for aged care will benefit with the appointment of a specialist in geriatric medicine to commence in 2018-19, improving the flow and transition of patients from acute hospitals to residential aged care facilities.

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