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Westmead Midwifery Caseload Practice

Westmead Midwifery Caseload Practice promotes (WMCP) pregnancy and childbirth as a normal life event. We understand the importance of health promotion and how it benefits your pregnancy and your baby. Our midwifery team will support you to birth with minimal medical intervention. WMCP aims to provide you with continuity of carer (COC). COC means you can know your midwife and can develop a trusting professional relationship, throughout your pregnancy, labour, birth and the postnatal period.

WMCP consists of midwives who work together to help you have a smooth and safe journey through pregnancy to parenthood. An obstetric doctor supportive of WMCP is available to our midwives for discussion and review if needed. Your midwife will organise your care and, with the other midwives in the team, will ensure you have access at all times to a health professional. If you develop a complication your midwife will discuss your care with the obstetric doctor so that you and your baby will receive the care that you need.

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Your care

You will get to know your midwife very well and will be able to contact them directly. This provides you a wonderful opportunity to learn about your pregnancy and your baby. Occasionally, due to circumstances your midwife may not be available to take your call or provide all care. However, until your midwife becomes available, you can feel comfortable that another known midwife will provide advice and care which will meet your needs.

Pregnancy visits

Your pregnancy visits can be attended at Westmead hospital or in your home. Your midwife will follow the NSW Ministry of Health schedule of visits. You can view the schedule of visits for antenatal care here.


When you are in labour your midwife will discuss when to come into the hospital. Your Caseload midwife will provide care and support to you during labour and birth. If you and your baby are well, you can be discharged home 4-6 hours after birth. If you have a medical concern, you will be admitted to the maternity ward. Your caseload midwife will then help you plan for discharge.

At home after birth

Your midwife will visit you and your baby at home following discharge from the hospital. Home visits are provided for up to two weeks following the birth of your baby. Your GP or local child and family health centre will then provide care for you and your baby.

How to book into the program

If you are interested in the WMCP for your pregnancy you should be:
  • in good health, without medical conditions
  • planning to have a natural birth with no unnecessary interventions
  • prepared to go home with your baby between 4-6 hours after birth, if you are both well


Your local doctor (General Practitioner GP) will refer you to the antenatal clinic, noting that you would like to be considered for WMCP program.


Contact information and Social Media

  • If you are interested in the program and would like more information, please call (02) 8890-9129.
  • You can also interact with us on the Caseload facebook page.

"Continuity of carer means you can know your midwife and can develop a trusting professional relationship, throughout your pregnancy, labour, birth and the postnatal period"