Surgical Skills Training Network - Western Sydney

Surgical Skills Training Network - Western Sydney

Surgical Skills Training Network - Western Sydney

The Western Sydney Surgical Skills Training Network offers a comprehensive surgical education and training program for our:

  • Surgical SRMO's and Unaccredited Trainees
  • PGY 1-2 interested in pursuing surgical careers 
  • RACS Surgical Education Trainees (SETs)  

The program offers the following:

  • mentoring, supervision, HR support and career guidance from Network Directors of training, Network Manager/ESO, Supervisors of training and Senior and Junior Clinicians
  • supports the development of Prevocational Trainees PGY1- 2
  • offers PGY3+ training positions that provide exposure to surgical terms that gives them the opportunity to develop surgical skills and competencies before entering the Surgical Education Training Program (SET)
  • supports the SET Trainees within the Surgical Education program (RACS) and (GSA)
  • exposure to a range of training programs including workshops and professional development sessions, weekly lectures and skills labs


Network Team

There is a Network Director of Training, Network Manager / Surgical Education Support Officer and Senior Staff Specialist to provide this training program.

 Network Director of Training

Photo of Dr Lawrence Yuen

Dr Lawrence Yuen
Hepatobiliary, Pancreatic & Transplant Surgeon





Network Manager/ESO

SSTN Network Manger Linda Bell

Ms Linda Bell



Professor of Surgery

Hepatobiliary, Pancreatic & Transplant Surgeon,
Westmead Hospital

Prof Henry Pleass

Prof Henry Pleass

Director of Trauma

Trauma & Breast Surgeon,
Westmead Hospital

Jeremy Hsu

Dr Jeremy Hsu

Clincal Superintendent in Surgery

General, Pancreatic & Hepatobiliary Surgeon,
Westmead Hospital

Dr Tony Pang - SSTN Clinical Superindentent in Surgery

Dr Tony Pang

Associate Professor of Surgery

Hepatobiliary, Pancreatic & Transplant Surgeon,
Westmead Hospital

Vincent Lam

A/Prof Vincent Lam
There are several more junior and senior consultants from surgical specialities within Westmead and our Network sites that also help support the education and training for our Network trainees.

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