Key Partnerships

Working in partnership to improve the health of the community

Key Partnerships

Population Health understands that improving the health of the community is a shared task.

Where we live, how we travel, our access to parks, schools and jobs, are all factors that impact our health and well-being.

Many of these 'social determinants' of health, fall outside the responsibility of health services; it is therefore critical for health to work in partnership with government, non-government and community organizations to improve the health of the community.

While the majority of Population Health projects are planned and delivered with partners, the current focus of the Centre for Population Health (CPH) is to develop strategic partnerships that add value to our key programs.

Current strategic partnerships focus on:

  • Education – because we know that good health leads to improved learning outcomes and level of education is the most consistent indicator of health status.

  • Local Government – because of the significant impact and influence that local government has in affecting the social determinants of health within a local context. In addition, we now know that the “built environment has an important role to play in supporting human health as part of everyday living [1]”. The term ‘Healthy Built Environments’ refers to environments that are “planned, designed, developed and managed to promote and protect health for all people [2]”; local government through their regulatory and planning mechanisms have a key role to play in this area.  
  • The boundaries of WSLHD include the Local Government Areas of Blacktown, Cumberland, Parramatta and The Hills.
  • Health – Justice (Legal Aid) – because legal problems can often contribute to, exacerbate – or even cause – health problems.

[1]  Kent J; Thompson SM; & Jalaludin B. (2011) Healthy Built Environments: Review of the Literature, Sydney: Healthy Built Environments Program, City Futures Research Centre, UNSW.   |   [2]  Kent J; Thompson SM; & Jalaludin B. (2011) Healthy Built Environments: Review of the Literature, Sydney: Healthy Built Environments Program, City Futures Research Centre, UNSW.


Education Partnerships

See under HEAL (Programs for Children) for information on:

Primary Schools Program

Secondary Schools Program

  • STAR Canteens
  • Active Travel Pilot
  • SALSA (Students As Lifestyle Activists - managed by PERU - Primary Health Care, Education & Research Unit)

Contact CPH if you would like further information on the tertiary education partnerships.

TAFE Partnership

  • TAFE NSW – Get Healthy@ Work
  • Make Healthy Normal – Make Water Your Drink
  • Getting Healthy for Aboriginal People

Western Sydney University Partnership

  • Healthy Eating & Active Living
  • Alcohol, Other Drugs & Sexual Health
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing

Local Government Partnerships

Formal partnerships exist, (with a range of joint projects), between the CPH and:

  • Blacktown City Council
  • City of Parramatta

Key areas of work with Local Government include:

  • Implementation of the International Charter for Walking
  • Healthy High Density Living
  • Promotion of Key Health Messages
    – The Libraries Health program
  • Combatting Heat Stress
  • Open / Green Space
  • Submissions on the health impacts of plans and developments.

Health – Justice Partnership

Contact CPH if you would like further information about this Partnership.

Downloadable Documents

Primary & Secondary School Resources:

Tertiary Education Links

Local Government / Healthy Built Environments Links:

Legal Aid

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