Healthy Older People

Keeping our older people active, strong and independent 


Healthy Older People

More than one in three people over 65 fall at least once per year, and many fall more than once. Fall injury is a major cause of hospitalisation that can be easily prevented. This may cause loss of independence for older people.

1. Stepping On Program

Local health professionals present specific topic areas with the latest evidence/information such as medication, vision and safe footwear. Each session provides time for discussing issues, action planning and includes homework eg. incorporating program learning into daily activities.

Stepping On program is conducted in partnership with 35 government and non-government organisations with the aim of working towards sustainability of the program.

Download referral and registration forms for your eligible clients:

2. Stepping On Training

The training is provided for health and/or fitness professionals who would be interested in facilitating a Stepping On program. This will cover:

  • one full day training provided by Ministry of Health
  • a half day of local training provided by WSLHD
  • all resources are provided to you

Potential facilitators will need to:

  • have experience working with older adults in a group setting
  • attend a Stepping On program as a Co Facilitator prior to delivering a Stepping on program

3. Getting Involved

If you would like to become a Stepping On Facilitator or would like more information about the training please contact Amanda Doring, Stepping On Coordinator, 02 9840 3603 or 0434 323 098