Two Western Sydney secondary schools and one primary school are taking part in a pilot which aims to increase the number of students actively commuting to and from school. With benefits extending beyond health and into the classroom, the Department of Education, Parramatta Council, Blacktown Council and Population Health will support students to develop and implement an active travel plan.

More information regarding the Western Sydney pilot is coming soon.

For more information regarding active travel, visit the Healthy Kids website.


Mt Druitt Public School Pilot

Mount Druitt Public School has been working with us on a pilot program to encourage their children to walk safely to school. This has involved a sticker and poster competition where the children designed their own messages, a selection were made into stickers and posters.

The School hosted a Walk to School Day on the 29th November 2017 offering a healthy breakfast for the children. Some of the posters and stickers created by students are featured below:

active travel poster 1   active travel poster 2  active travel stickers 1

active travel poster 3   active travel poster 4  active travel stickers 2

If you would like more details about how you can encourage Active Travel at your School please get in touch with the Live Life Well @ School team:

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