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Apart from your clinical team and your department head, who else will you need to know as a new doctor?

Perhaps the next most important group is the staff in the Resident Support Unit, so you'll find a short bio about all the staff, including the reasons you may want to approach them or vica verca. It also worth being aware of the medical managers who have a professional responsibility for all of the medical staff. Collectively they are know as Medical Services, headed by the Chief Medical Adviser, Dr Ros Crampton.  Another group of staff, that many of you will interact with is the staff the Post Graduate Medical Education Department.

For those of you interested in Organisational Structure, Westmead is the largest hospital in Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD), which also comprises Auburn Hospital, Blacktown Mt Druitt Hospital and Cumberland Hospital. WSLHD is led by the Chief Executive Officer, and the Westmead Executive Team is led by the General Manger, with an executive team consisting the Chief Medical Adviser, the Director of Nursing & Midwifery, The Director of Finance, the Director of Corporate Services, and five Clinical Directors each of whom is responsible for managing the five Clinical Divisions. These are Surgery & Anaesthetics, Acute Medicine and Critical Care, Medicine and Cancer Services, Women's and Newborn Health, Oral Health

Resident Support Unit

Kath Hill profile image

Ms Katherine Hill - Manager, Resident Support Unit

Kath is in charge of the whole of Resident Support Unit. As a JMO you probably won't need to interact with her on a regular basis -  though you will with her staff. Despite this she has an open door policy and definitely wants to hear your feedback. She is very happy to talk to JMOs about any RSU issue, and of course she is the final arbiter within the RSU for all those complex "left field" questions that seem to crop up from time to time.
phone: 8890 7013 or ext 57013    email:


Chandrika Param profile imageMs Chandrika Param - JMO Manager

Chandrika is responsible for ensuring that all those day to day JMO matters are being taken care of. So, apart from managing the staff responsible for your rosters and payment, she is also the "go to" person for Intern and RMO leave allocation, as well as term allocation. As an Intern or RMO, you would approach Chandrika if you are wanting to check up about a term swap, or organise leave at short notice, or maybe looking for additional relief staff to help out with peaks in workload in your department.
phone: 8890 6282 or ext 56282


Jalal Ahamed Profile imageMr Jalal Ahamed - Rostering Co-ordinator

Jalal enters all the rosters into our payroll system, which is the mechanism by which you get paid. He also participates in the creation and distribution of the daily and weekly team rosters. So as a JMO, you'd want to talk to Jalal if you had a payslip or timesheet query, or if you wanted to make sure a last minute roster change was actioned, or if any roster published by RSU needed correction.
phone: 8890 7882 or ext 57882


Maribel 1.JPEG

Ms Maribel Rontal  -  IMG Coordinator

Maribel is responsible for all recruitment issues to do with International Medical Graduates. She assist with Registration and Visa enquiries. You will talk to Maribel if you are an IMG, long before you start here, and will continue these discussions if your circumstances change during your employment. 
phone: 8890 7987 or ext 57987



Shabreen Ifath profile imageMs Shabreen Ifath - Recruitment Co-ordinator

Shabreen is responsible for all of the administrative elements of the recruitment process. As a JMO you might be talking to her before you start, about interviews, recruitment paperwork, or health clearances, or grading. As a current JMO you might be having similar discussions about jobs you have applied for or been accepted onto at Westmead, for the following year.
phone: 8890 9804 or ext 59804


Medical Services

Ros Cramptom Profile ImageDr Ros Crampton - Chief Medical Adviser

Dr Crampton is the most senior doctor in Medical Services and a key member of the Westmead executive team. She has a broad portfolio with a focus on policy, strategic planning and service development, and she has a special interest in post graduate medical education. She also has broad professional oversight for both the senior and the junior medical staff at Westmead. She has spent her entire working life at Westmead, having trained and practiced in emergency medicine for many years. As an ex DPET, she also has excellent insight into, and empathy with the junior medical staff. You may well encounter Dr Crampton when you are rostered to overnight shifts on the wards, as she likes to attend the morning handover meeting to keep her finger on the pulse.

Dr Mary Boyd Turner - Deputy Director Medical Services

Dr Boyd Turner, whose clinical background is in paediatrics, is a career medical administrator who has worked in senior levels of government and hospital management. While she is responsible for a variety of managerial functions, which includes Auburn Hospital, she has specific responsibility for the Westmead Resident Support Unit and the junior medical staff. You may well interact with Dr Boyd Turner when she is looking for JMO feedback on a range of diverse issues impacting on JMOs.

Post Graduate Medical Education

Andrew Baker Profile ImageDr Andrew Baker - Director of Pre-vocational Education and Training

Dr Baker has spent most of his career in Clinical Governance and Medical Administration, including Director Medical Services at Westmead, before falling into the role of DPET. His passion these days lies in pastoral care, career development and JMO advocacy. You might want to talk to Dr Baker about educational opportunities, or training pathways, to help navigate the labyrinthine politics and bureaucracy of the hospital, maybe about grievances, big or small,  or simply to unload with someone who understands how the hospital works but still remembers what it's like to be a JMO. You can call or text Dr Baker at any time, in or out of hours, on 0419281024.


Susan Pabon Profile ImageMs Susan Pabon - Pre-vocational Education Support Officer

As Educational Support Officer, Susan is involved in all aspects of the administration of pre-vocational training, whether that be promoting and organisation the JMO education program, or following up end of term assessments. Many of you will have interacted with Susan before you started, when she worked to make sure you had everything you needed to do your job properly from day 1. Every intern and RMO will receive numerous notifications and reminders from Susan about what is on, or where you should be. Susan is one of those vital people who keeps everything ticking over as it should.


Ms Linda Bell - Surgical Education Support Officer

For surgical trainees there is little need to elaborate on Linda's role which extends well beyond educational support. You should have realized before you started how professional, caring, and indispensable she is. For Interns and RMOs, if you have an interest in surgery or aspire to a surgical skills job in PGY3, it is critical that you make yourself known to Linda and take advantage of her years of experience working closely with the directors of surgical training.
Click here to find out more about surgical skills training.


Ms Billie Bridge - Medical Education Support Officer

Physician trainees will interact with Billie regularly because her role is intimately intertwined with physician training, but, as with Linda, interns and RMOs should also be aware of this role if they are interested in physician training down the track.



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