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The Westmead Challenge is meant to be a fun and competitive way of familiarising your self with the layout of Westmead. You'll experience the Challenge if you are at the Friday mixer.

You will have 45 mins to accumulate as many points as possible by taking a photo of your whole group in front of the various clues (Download clues here)  There is probably not enough time to get to all of the sites on the map so you will need to spend some time planning out the most efficienet route which will maximise your points.

BUT beware - if you come in late, you 'll be hit by a massive penalty - so you need to get back on time.

You can click on the map to enlarge it, and you should note that the different colours represent different levels. So you need to think about the quickest way between levels as well as from point to point. I've tried to keep you out of the wards, (so mainly levels 1-3), but remember we are still in a hospital, and some people have to work today, so be sensible. I'll be wandering around with a couple of my spies and there will be penalties for anyone spotted running inside the building!! Brisk walking is OK. Graduates of the USYD Western Clinical School will be spread evenly among the different teams.

Have fun!

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