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In the second week of Orientation you will buddy up with the outgoing intern or RMO and learn everything you can about the job before doing it for real the following week.

This section is intended to give you a sense of who your contacts are, or who should be contacting you, and where you are meant to be in Week 2. Its mainly aimed at the Westmead ward based interns for whom the arrangements are the most complex. 
Remember that during this week you are registered and legally entitled to practice, so if you are asked to do something that only a "Real Doctor" should be doing - you ARE now a real doctor. BUT if you are asked to do something you don't understand or feel uncomfortable about - CHECK and ask for help

NB: Those who didn't get to do the DETECT simulations in Week 1 will be scheduled to this in Week 2. This will involve most of the Westmead ward-based interns and the Relievers. DETECT will be run on level 3 of the Education Center between 1-5pm on Thursday 31st Jan. They have a very tight schedule so please DONT make the mistake of being late.

Westmead Wards

The general strategy is that during the first week of Orientation you should make contact with your counterpart and arrange a time and place to meet on Monday morning (or before). You should identify your counterpart from the attached list, and page them. To page from any phone in the hospital press *2 , then the page number, then *.

When you are trying to figure out who the "right" person is, there are three possibilities:

  1. You are doing a term where there is only one team and thus only one JMO to choose from. These teams include:
    Breast Surgery, Colorectal, Plastics, Surgical Transplant, Urology
  2. You are doing a term with multiple JMOs who all operate as one large team. In this case you can make contact with any team member at random. These teams include:
    Cardio-thoracic, Neurosurgery, Upper GI Surgery, Vascular
  3. You are doing a term in a department with multiple different teams. In this case we will publish a list of which particular team you are attached to mid way through Week 1 of orientation, but you can download a list of who is currently allocated to your term here
    These Departments include:
    Cardiology, Gastro, Geriatrics, Haematology, Medical Oncology, Neurology, Respiratory.
  • Renal - The Renal intern will spend half the term in nephrology then swap with the RMO and complete the second half the term in dialysis - meaning they need to buddy up with the outgoing RMO doing nephrology.
  • Orthopaedics & Vascular -Both teams will have increased staff in 2019 which will be associated with the introduction of an evening shift.

Westmead Emergency Department

Your primary contact is Dr Danielle Unwin, and she has already sent you a roster for this week as well as for Term 1.


Your primary contact is Andrew Baker - and you have already been sent a schedule for this week. You should e-mail, text, phone or talk to Dr Baker if you have queries about this.

Don't forget that most of you have DETECT on Thursday 1st Feb starting a 1 PM. If this is your first activity of the day on Thursday - leave plenty of time to get here and find parking. Heavy Traffic on the freeway is the norm and not considered an acceptable excuse. 


Your Primary contact is Jenny Sleiman who runs the RSU at Auburn. She should have contacted you already. Her phone number is 8759 3136 and her email is

Coffs Harbour

Your Primary contact is Julie Silence who runs the RSU at Coffs Harbour. She, or her staff should have contacted you already. 

You should have already organised accommodation at Coffs Harbour with re-location plans over the long weekend. Contact Details for Coffs Harbour RSU are:

Julie Sillince
Network JMO Manager
Coffs Clinical Network

Marianne Harley
JMO Support
Coffs Clinical Network

Karen Aranyi
JMO Support
Coffs Clinical Network

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