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You'll find tips below about how some of the really basic Powerchart setup tasks and shortcuts

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How to create autotext

This is useful for speeding up repetitive documentation tasks for wards rounds, examination findings etc
  1. Add a document and select type (e.g. progress note)
  2. Click the text area and click the icon on the far right just above this area (if you hover it will say “autotext”
  3. Click the “+” icon and enter the abbreviation and the autotext desired
  4. Press save
  5. Return back to the white text area and type the abbreviation (it will appear) and press enter

How to create a custom patient list

  1. Go to “patient list”
  2. Click the spanner icon on the left hand side of the top bar
  3. Click “new” > “location” > select “location” again > from drop down select “westmead hospital” and expand > select wards relevant
  4. After selecting wards, enter a name (e.g. MDI, SI, SSI, etc)
  5. Select “finish”
Note: To create a specific specialty patient list (e.g. respiratory), select “medical services” after clicking “new”. Make sure go to “discharged criteria” and select “only patients who have not been discharged”

How to customise multi-patient task list

  1. Go to “multi-patient task list”
  2. Right click over the text on the grey bar at the top (Westmead hospital, assigned tasks)
  3. Select “customised patient view”
  4. Choose your customised patient list and press “ok”

How to Access the After Hours JMO Jobs list

  1. Go to “multi-patient task list”
  2. Click on the JMO Jobs tab
  3. Go to the Options menu and:
    • Set Automatic Refresh to "5 minutes"
    • From Task list properties -Timeframes tab, tick "Generic Timeframe" and set the end date well into the future
    • From Task list Properties  - Patient List Tab: tick "Choose a patient list" and tick "View assigned task"s and set the Location Filter to Westmead Hospital
    • From Task Display: Set Location Filters to Westmead Hospital and Task Type to JMO jobs list, and then save
  4. Don't forget to Refresh
Note: You can further customise this list in the setup if you want, to restrict the display to just those wards for your shift or a more limited time range.

You can download the Powerchart "How to " Guide, with screenshots HERE

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