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You'll find tips below about Outpatient Clinics and Letters

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In General:
  • University clinics: Fax the discharge summary to 8890 8333 (note on most fax machines you will need to press 0 then enter 8890 8333) with a note on the top requesting the appointment (e.g. “For follow up in NSx Registrar Clinic week starting XX/XX/2018)
  • Specialty related rapid access clinics exist for for respiratory, cardiology, neurology


Diabetes rapid access clinic: patients are reviewed by reg. Appropriate for patients needing insulin review/titration very soon after discharge/other issues too?.
  1. Patient must be approved by an endo team member for RAC (eg the endo reg may suggest it).
  2. Put the referral through on e-orders.
  3. Call 53361 to book the appointment.


A6c clinic: patient is reviewed by a registrar. Can get IV abx, blood tests etc here. Appropriate for patients with renal problems needing one-off/short term follow up at short notice. Patients are booked in by writing their names in the A6c clinic book. If the renal team suggests follow up in A6c clinic they will likely book the appointment themselves

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