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You'll find tips below about how to organise common Imaging test & procedures

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How to order a mobile x-ray

  1. Place an e-order and include the indication, clinical history and any specifc instructions
  2. The mobile x-ray form will print from the nearest printer - take this to the patient’s bedside and leave it there for the radiographer
  3. Contact the mobile radiographer on #9032

How to order a CT

  1. Place an e-order and include the indication, clinical history and renal function if contrast required
  2. Gain CT registrar approval by paging #22778 who will also help inform the type of study required or any advice needed for patients with allergies (e.g. premedication requirements)
  3. If contrast in needed, prepare the patient by inserting a cannula into the cubital fossa (20G if contrast study without angiography or 18G if contrast study with angiography)
Note: If an ED trauma scan for non-contrast head or C-spine is needed, write trauma as the first word in the e-order for it to go through without preapproval and call CT desk #57606 for confirmation

How to order an MRI

  1. Place an e-order with an indication, clinical history and any specific instructions
  2. Gain MRI fellow approval by paging them on #56522 or #53648 ONLY if during the following times (9:00-9:30pm, 2:00-2:30pm, 3:30-3:45pm))
  3. Fill out MRI checklist and fax to MRI (fax number is on form)

How to order a PET Scan

  1. If ordering for an inpatient, call 88909324 and communicate the type of scan required, the indication, clinical history and relevant investigations previously completed
  2. The receptionist will fax a request form (specific for the scan required) and a ward questionnaire - These may be signed by yourself in place of the specialist as long as a pager number is included
  3. Ensure height and weight are included on the form
  4. Once forms are completed, fax back to the PET reception desk or walk down in person (these will be forwarded to the director for the appropriate protocol).
  5. Expect ~1 week time-frame for scan to take place
  6. About 1 week for scan to take place

How to arrange radiology-guided procedures

  1. Go to the angiography suite in Radiology department and fill out 2-3 forms (imaging request form, biopsy form, interventional checklist (e.g. anaesthetics cover, if bed is available on wards post-procedure if necessary) Unfortunately, there is no e-order for these procedures
  2. Ensure infection status (e.g. MRSA, VRE, etc. is clearly written)
  3. Contact #56522 reception desk and ask who is on to approve an intervention (either CT reg or screening registrar) and they will direct you with contact details

How to order a departmental plain x-ray or ultrasound

  1. Place an e-order and be sure to include the indication, clinical history and any specific instructions - If the order is missing these details, the radiographer or sonographer may reject it
  2. To expedite a radiography scan, you can call #56621
Note: If a TOE is required, it may only be performed if a TTE has been done and was shown to be unhelpful (contact clinical measurements #56044 for further details) If urgent (within 12 hours) you may have to contact TOE/TTE registrar (direction from clinical measurements) → Make sure you inform infective status of pt (e.g. MRSA, VRE, etc)

How to order a nuclear medicine scan

  1. Place an e-order (NM *body part*) and include indication, clinical information and relevant investigations
  2. Include pager number in case they want to contact you for more information

How to order scans for outpatients

  1. Fill out imaging request form and bring it to Radiology front desk.
  2. For CT guided procedures eg. percutaneous nephrostomy tube insertion, need to take the forms to angiography suite
  3. For TTE, take form to clinical measurements, not radiology

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