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You'll find tips below about how to organize some simple bedside procedures

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How to order services from the cannulation team

Note: The service operates from 2:30pm-10pm 7 days per week unless hospital-wide page says they are unavailable
  1. Place an e- order by searching “PIVC” - ensure you include adequate history to justify the need for a cannula. There is no need to page the nurse.
  2. To check if the job has been completed, check to see if the job has been ticked or alternatively you can page 8319 for verbal confirmation 

How to order a PICC line

  1. Place an e-orders and include the indication, clinical history and type of PICC line required (including number of lumens)
  2. Page the central line/PICC CNC #9248 .
  3. Consent the patient using purple medical procedures form
  4. Await team for placement
  5. Arrange a CXR to confirm PICC placement

How to insert a difficult urinary catheter

In hours:
  • Nurses on all wards are able to insert female IDCs. JMOs are expected to do male IDCs. Some nurses on A6a and ICU can insert male catheters.
  • If you have trouble, page: Urology CNC 22959 in the first instance. If unavailable, page the Urology SRMO.

After Hours:
  • If you are having trouble, page the urology registrar on call. They will tell you to try with a coude tip (can be found in ED and A6a store rooms).

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