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The vibrant new Auburn Hospital, completed in 2009, is a welcoming and patient-friendly health care facility that is located in one of Australia’s most culturally diverse communities, about 19km from Sydney city and only minutes from the spectacular Sydney Olympic Park. Auburn Hospital is a 155-bed metropolitan hospital provides 24 hour emergency care, high dependency, general medicine, general and specialist surgery with an emphasis on planned surgery, paediatric short stay and obstetrics and newborn care services for low risk births. Auburn Hospital is a teaching hospital for the University of Notre Dame Sydney School of Medicine. Click here for Map
As part of WSLHD, it has close medical ties with Westmead Hospital receiving interns and RMOs on rotation from Westmead each term, as well as General SRMOs, Surgical, Anaesthetic and O&G registrars.

Medical Workforce Unit

The Medical Workforce Unit is located on Level 5. Office hours are 0800 to 1630 Monday to Friday, please call in on your first shift. Contacts are:

Jenny Sleiman
Medical Workforce Coordinator
Telephone: 02 8759 3136

Louise Yazbek
Medical Workforce Officer
Telephone: 02 8759 3137


The Auburn DPET is Dr Greg White. Dr White works in the Emergency Department on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please contact Auburn Medical Workforce Unit if you wish to make an appointment to see Dr White.


Printed at the beginning of the second week of the pay period, timesheets are placed outside Auburn Medical Workforce Unit on Level for signing. A reminder email is sent to all JMO staff to remind that timesheets are due to be signed. The usual cut off for timesheet processing is the last Friday of the pay period 0900. Days may vary if there is a Public Holiday- if this occurs you will be notified via email.

For JMOs on rotation from Westmead, it will be noted that the payperiods and timeframes for reviewing your timesheet are essentially the same as Westmead


For JMOs on rotation from Westmead, iIf you have a payroll deduction from Westmead, you can park in the Auburn public carpark located next to the Hospital on Hargrave Road (Map attached). On your first day you will to buzz Security for them to give you access.

ID Card

For JMOs on rotation from Westmead, please bring your Westmead Staff ID card with you, upon arrival to Auburn please call into Security on Level 2 and have your ID card activated with access to Auburn.


Lockers are located in the JMO Common Room (located on Level 2). The Auburn Medical Workforce Unit (located on Level 5) issues locker keys- we take a $10 deposit that you get back when you return the key to Auburn Medical Workforce Unit.


Ward JMOs are issued a pager by Auburn Hospital. Please collect the pager allocated to your team from Switchboard on Level 2 opposite Security. Please remember to return the pager to Auburn Switchboard at the end of the term.


Handover from the Day shift to the Afternoon shift happens at 1530 Monday to Friday in HDU. All teams are in attendance. This Handover is facilitated by the HDU Hospitalist. Please attend this handover daily. At 2200 please handover the the Ward night JMO in the Common Room (located on Level 2). Please hand your pager over to the Ward Night JMO.

Relevent Documents

Rover Forms

ROVERS  - or "Rolling Handover" forms - are an important aides to end of term handover.

Written by JMOs, they are intended to distill the most important key messages for how to survive in each term - what the common routines are, how to get key tasks completed, who you might commonly consult and what they need to know, how to approach discharge summaries, what the important learning opportunities are, who can help...and so on.

Anything which you learned the hard way should be documented on a ROVER so that those lessons can be passed on to your colleagues.

Each term you should review and update your Rover form. You can do this at any time - even after you've left the term - but the ideal timing is about 2 weeks before the term change. To do so, simply click on the links below.

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