Logan Muddle recipient of Aboriginal Nursing Cadetship

Western Sydney Local Health District

Equal Employment Opportunities

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People

The Cadetship Coordinator is working closely with the NSW Health, Nursing and Midwifery Office and other coordinators around the state to devise effective strategies to increase Aboriginal Nursing and Midwifery Cadetship numbers. WSLHD employed one Aboriginal person in Aboriginal Nursing Cadetships, under the NSW Aboriginal Cadetship Program.

Recruitment is underway for the Aboriginal Allied Health Cadetships.

People with disabilities

International Day of People with a Disability is celebrated across the organisation including: an awards ceremony at Westmead Hospital, recognising services that have excelled in their work with people with a disability; and giving recognition to the achievements of staff living with a disability. Blacktown Hospital held a disability awareness information session that incorporated presentations from Disability Employment Agencies and Disability Services.

Consultations have been held with staff and volunteers with a disability to gain a better understanding of the positives in their employment/engagement. This process was undertaken to identify positive experiences and how these could be used to inform ongoing workplace management issues. These consultations produced a report giving clear recommendations and creating opportunities for improvements to be introduced into the employment of people with a disability and for the deployment of volunteers with a disability.

A staff member has been seconded to Learning & Development Services to develop a training package to support staff awareness on disability. This Program has been rolled out as a mandatory training requirement for all staff within the organisation.

Human Resources have developed comprehensive Guidelines for Managers and Employees on Reasonable Adjustment for an Employee with a Disability. This document is accessible on the intranet.

During 2011, the Transition to Work program initiative continued, incorporating a partnership with some non-government training agencies specialising in the work placement of young people with a disability.

A temporary Disability Workforce Committee, consisting of members from Blacktown and Mt Druitt Hospitals, was established to plan the development and expansion of a District-wide work experience program for people with a disability. This program engages with multiple disability employment agencies across the LGAs, to provide more opportunity for a variety of participants within the community to undertake work experience within the LHD.

A three year Disability HR Business Plan was developed by HR and a newly established HR role titled Disability Employment Services Consultant was formalised to increase the employment of people with a disability.

People whose first language is not English 

WSLHD continued to be above the benchmark for employing people whose first language is not English. This was due to a number of reasons including the diversity of local communities from which our employees are recruited (The Australian Bureau of Statistics Census 2006 indicated that 29 percent of the population speak a first language other than English); recruitment of professionals from overseas; and the existence of targeted positions for people of non-English speaking background to improve access to health services (eg: bilingual community educators).


WSLHD continued to be above the benchmark for employing women. This is typical of the health care sector in general, where the single largest occupational group is nursing, most of whom are female.

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