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WSLHD Strategic Plan

Joint message from Professor Stephen Leeder, Chair, Western Sydney Local Health District and Mr Danny O’Connor, Chief Executive, Western Sydney Local Health District

On behalf of the WSLHD Board and the WSLHD Executive team, we are pleased to advise the release of the Western Sydney Local Health District Strategic Plan July 2013–June 2016.  The Plan is a road map for the Western Sydney Local Health District for the next three years.

The Plan puts the patient at the centre of everything we do and will help us manage the changing demands for our services which will help us to continue to meet our responsibilities under the National Health Reform Agenda and equip our organisation for the challenges that arise.

Over the next three years, our focus will be on six priority areas to further improve the healthcare for the people of western Sydney and beyond:

  • Culture
  • Integrated care
  • Partnerships
  • Organisational redesign
  • Research and education
  • Financial stability and sustainability

The Strategic Plan reinforces the value that our organisation places on collaborating with our partners, recognising that through partnerships more can be delivered to our patients and community than by working alone.

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WSLHD Future Outlook

WSLHD Future Outlook [PDF]


WSLHD & NSW Health Service Agreement

WSLHD Service Level Agreement 2016-17 [PDF] 

WSLHD Service Level Agreement 2015-16 [PDF] 

WSLHD Service Level Agreement 2014-15 [PDF]

WSLHD Service Level Agreement 2013-14 [PDF]

WSLHD Facility Budget Allocations

Auburn Hospital Initial Budget Allocation - Financial Year 2016-17 [PDF]

Blacktown Mount Druitt Hospital Initial Budget Allocation - Financial Year 2016-17 [PDF]

Cumberland Hospital Initial Budget Allocation - Financial Year 2016-17 [PDF]

Westmead Hospital Initial Budget Allocation - Financial Year 2016-17 [PDF]


WSLHD Annual Reports/Year in Review

WSLHD Year in Review 2015-16 [PDF]

WSLHD Year in Review 2014-15 [PDF]

WSLHD Year in Review 2013-14 [PDF]

WSLHD Year in Review 2012-13 [PDF]

NSW Health Annual Report

NSW Health Annual Report 2015-16

WSLHD Expense Budget

WSLHD Expense Budget 2016-17 [PDF]


WSLHD Asset Strategic Plan

2013-2023 WSLHD Asset Strategic Plan Consolidated Report  [PDF]


WSLHD Corporate Governance Attestation Statement

WSLHD Corporate Governance Attestation Statement 2015-16 [PDF]


WSLHD Statement of Business Ethics

Statement of Business Ethics - Oct 2014  [PDF]  


WSLHD Workforce Strategic Framework

WSLHD Workforce Strategic Framework 2015-2020  [PDF]


LHD Model By-Laws

Model By-Laws [PDF]


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