Western Sydney Local Health District


Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) Better West Strategic Priorities 2017- 2021

Our vision is to strive to become the healthiest population in NSW with an aim to be a trusted partner of our community, delivering modern cutting edge healthcare.

We want to create communities where people can live well, stay well and manage well; an environment where people are supported to improve their health and to live to their full potential; where individuals; their family and carers are active participants with a collective responsibility for optimising health outcomes. We are committed to working in partnership to deliver better health together.

Our focus will be on six priorities

  • Patient Experience Matters
  • Healthy People
  • Integrated Research, Education and Clinical Care
  • Exceptional People
  • Information Underpins Everything We Do
  • Spending Wisely

Our strategic priorities reflect our commitment to delivering modern health care in the areas that matter most to western Sydney. We will influence better health and well-being in our growing community. Achieving our priorities requires a shift in our resource investment and a redesign of our business. Our collective work over the last five years has stabilised our operations and consolidated our services, positioning our organisation to meet future health demands with confidence. We will be a stronger, healthier business over the next 5 – 10 years.

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